At Detailer car care, we offer the finest experience for your car's interior, exterior and wheels. With over the edge leading technology and the premium products; precision is guaranteed ..

About Transparency Qatar

By using innovative techniques and the right scientific understanding of all products and methods, Detailer Car Care team is able to provide you the ultimate care and offers the best results in polishing and protection. Due to the development of science everything became possible in this sector. We, Detailer Car Care, promise to bring back the gloss and beauty to your car to regain its glory and brilliance.


Car tires are always exposed to accumulation caused by the brakes giving them a dull appearance. Our role is to target what regular washes are unable to reach. With our specialized cleaning materials, brilliance and radiance is guaranteed.


We rely on using the safest cleaning materials that remove accumulations of dust as well as body oils.


At Detailer Car Care we clean and examine the car's paint with leading technology to ensure precision before starting to wax or correct any problems. When doing so, we rely on several stages until we get the paint of your car to reach its best conditions.

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