Mannai Opens Its First Showroom of BYD

The Global Leader In Electric Vehicles.

Mannai Opens Its First Showroom of BYD The Global Leader In Electric Vehicles.

Mannai Opens Its First Showroom of BYD The Global Leader In Electric Vehicles.


Doha, Qatar – The unveiling of the new BYD showroom in Doha, Qatar, marks a significant milestone in the country’s automotive sector. Mannai has solidified its commitment to cutting-edge automotive technology by partnering with BYD Auto, the global leader in new energy vehicles vehicles (NEV).


The event showcased the five models of BYD BYD HAN, BYD ATTO3, BYD SEAL, BYD SONG Plus DM-i and BYD QIN PLUS DM-i  (All-Electric and Plug-in Hybrids), demonstrating Mannai’s dedication to offering Qatar the cutting edge in automotive technology. BYD today is a formidable force in the automotive world having concluded 2023 with record-breaking sales of 3 million plus vehicles and being listed among the Global Car Sales Top-10 for the first time. The brand’s presence in over 70 countries across six continents underscores its global appeal and the growing demand for EVs worldwide.


Mannai’s decision to partner with BYD reflects its discerning approach to partnering brands that prioritize quality, reliability and technological innovation. By recognizing the rapidly evolving needs of Qatar and its citizens & residents, Mannai is poised to introduce BYD’s technological prowess and commitment to advancing EV technology to the Qatari market.


With BYD, Mannai offers a name that’s been exceptionally successful in its ability to drive advancements in the EV industry, making new-age EVs mainstream and transforming the “green dream” into a tangible reality for the millions of its customers worldwide.


Battery packs are a critical part of an EV. BYD’s Blade Battery, renowned for its ground-breaking safety, durability, and performance, highlights the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of EV technology. Coupled with BYD’s exceptional competency in electric powertrain technology, it helps deliver optimum performance and a heightened driving experience. Adding to the quality quotient is BYD’s full ownership of the entire vertical supply chain for seamless integration and total manufacturing control. BYD is also the first, and only company in the world, to provide full market new energy vehicle solutions.


During the event, AD Huang – BYD’s General Manager of Middle East & Africa Auto Sales Division, emphasized the significance of this collaboration: “BYD is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, and our alliance with Mannai is a testament to our shared vision of a greener future. With Mannai’s in-depth market insight and our world-leading innovative technology, we are poised to profoundly transform Qatar’s automotive sector.”


Rajesh Krishnan, Mannai’s President of  Automotive Group,  highlighted the alignment of Mannai’s customer-focused ethos with BYD’s pioneering spirit: “Mannai’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences finds a perfect partner in BYD’s Premium, reliable, and cutting-edge electric vehicles. He also mentioned that investing in this showroom will be the starting point of meeting Qatar’s 2030 vision for a greener future. 


As Qatar embraces the transition to electric mobility, BYD’s entry into the market comes at an opportune time. With Mannai’s reputation for exceptional customer service and premium quality, the partnership is poised to elevate Qatar’s presence in the mainstream EV segment, bringing the “green dream” of sustainable transportation closer to reality.