Mannai launches World’s No. 1

New Energy Vehicles Brand, BYD.

Mannai launches World’s No. 1 New Energy Vehicles Brand, BYD.

Mannai launches World’s No. 1 New Energy Vehicles Brand, BYD.


Doha, Qatar – The Katara Hall at Raffles Doha was the stage for one of Qatar’s most significant and impressive automotive brand launches. It was a momentous occasion as it was the launch of BYD, the world’s Champion of New Energy Vehicle (NEV) brand by Mannai, BYD’s proud partner and sole Distributor in Qatar.


Such a milestone occasion deserved a spectacular show and Fittingly, the event was graced by the presence of HE Jassim bin Saif bin Ahmed Al Sulaiti, Minister of Transport, HE Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the State of Qatar, HE Cao Xiaolin, along with other foreign ambassadors and Qatari dignitaries, BYD and Mannai senior officials, the media fraternity and other esteemed invitees in attendance. 


Interestingly, the event featured a stunning show to unveil BYD, the brand, and the car models being launched. Opening with a visual introduction to BYD highlighting the importance of a ‘green technology’ and BYD’s commitment to the cause, it went on to showcase key facts of BYD’s pre-eminence in the EV sector and then proceeded to a spectacular reveal sequence, model by model. A unique element of the show was a conversational Q & A exchange on stage engaging the audience not only with the brand and product highlights but also imparting awareness about Electric Vehicles and how they are different from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicles. 


BYD’s status as the world’s biggest manufacturer is backed by record sales of over
3 million cars worldwide in 2023, more than any other EV brand! And it is showing no signs of slowing down. Its exports grew by 334% in 2023. it is reported that in the history of automobiles, no other brand has had such an explosive growth in such a short period of time! 


BYD is credited with perfecting the three core technologies of new energy-powered vehicles – batteries, motors and electric control. The event specifically highlighted the role of BYD’s patented BLADE BATTERY, which has proved to be a game-changer. Today it is the industry benchmark for safety, durability and performance with BYD giving an
8-Year Warranty on them. It has successfully withstood the most rigorous of tests, particularly the Nail Penetration Test and the Drive-over Test, where a 45-ton truck was driven over it!  BYD, understanding how vital automobile safety is, have made the battery patent-free for any other manufacturer to use. An amazing gesture.


The event showcased five BYD models:

  1. the All-Electric, All-Wheel-Drive, Dual-Motor BYD SEAL (Sedan)
  2. The All-Electric BYD ATTO3 (SUV)
  3. The world’s largest selling EV in its class / The Plug-in Hybrid EV BYD QIN PLUS DM-I (Sedan)
  4.  The compact bestseller / The All-Wheel Drive, All-Terrain BYD SONG Plus (SUV)
  5. BYD’s latest / The All-Wheel-Drive, Dual-Motor BYD HAN (Sedan) BYD’s flagship model.


Mannai’s decision to partner with BYD comes at a key moment in time. Qatar, which is already going electric in its public transportation is ready for mainstream passenger EVs which BYD had made a reality the world over. Hitherto EVs were a novelty or premium purchase, but BYD has overcome that more than well, making the EV dream tangible and real and accessible. Mannai’s bold step reflects its ethos and its discerning approach,
not only in partnering brands that prioritize quality and reliability, but also those on the forefront of technological innovation and sustainability. 


Mannai is upbeat about this partnership as it believes it is one that has been founded on similar values. Values that have the best interests of the customers in mind. Together, they are bound to elevate Qatar’s ‘green’ presence on the world map.
BYD, after all, is an acronym for “BUILD YOUR DREAMS”.