Hyundai Motor introduces the New CRETA

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Hyundai Motor introduces the New CRETA

Hyundai Motor introduces the New CRETA

Hyundai Motor introduces the New CRETA



Dubai 15 Sept 2022– Hyundai Motor Company introduced the new CRETA 2023 to the market, the new compact crossover that brings a novel definition to what a sensuous and sporty car can be, reflecting the dynamic capabilities of its driving personality.

The new CRETA comes with a futuristic and strong exterior, a dynamic interior and a far-reaching set of advanced technologies that improves performance, and convenience features that grant a fun driving experience.

“We are proud to introduce the new CRETA, the reimagined premium compact SUV. As a continuation of the CRETA lineage, which is known to combine resilient bold sportiness with a family experience, CRETA is supported by brand-new technologies and features,” said Mr. Hyoung Jung Im, Vice President of Hyundai Motor Company.

He added “The new CRETA is arriving with a unique and new personality in terms of the design and its presence on the road`.

Futuristic Strong Design

The new CRETA will come to the market with a strong and futuristic design identity that gives a new perspective to what an SUV can be. The 2023 CRETA is the newest model from Hyundai’s crossover/SUV lineup that has grown since its introduction in 2014.

The new CRETA reinvasions the compact SUV, combining confidence in its design from the outside with high practicality in serving passengers from the inside.


Exterior Design

The city compact SUV demonstrates a bold and robust look with sharp sporty side cuts and a modern forefront, which gives the car a strong presence on the roads and reflects Hyundai’s ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ design identity. The front side represents an original bold SUV front-end, conveys a powerful sensation with the symbolized radiator grill painted with black and silver, and a set of hidden position DRL lights projecting a unique brand statement which is styled to draw a distinctive “Lights ON” image.


From the side, a long hood profile reflects the robust and dynamic design of the car, which aims to mirror the latest trends in body design, implying a more powerful personality. The ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ design concept of the car is properly demonstrated by the strong harmony between the beltline and durable tender volume with a unique C-pillar shape.

The rear of the CRETA shows a new light architecture in which it contains individual lamps and a wide, rigid-looking stance which complements the front side. With an ample rear window glass, drivers could enjoy very good rearward visibility, added to the general wide proportion, creating a sense of strength and solidarity that matches the front design. Implementing a “boomerang” shape signature rear lighting with LED technology, the CRETA offers excellent visibility to surrounding vehicles, and stands out among other cars on the road.


 Exterior colors

The new CRETA is available in these exterior colors:

Characteristic Form + High Tech Interior

The new CRETA brings bold and dynamic interior architecture, sporting a T-shaped layout and enhanced side silver garnish. The interior cabin has evolved in terms of design to feature a group of enhancements. The center fascia and console include a comfortable crash pad and a vertical structural layout to ensure safety and to create an ergonomic high-tech image.

The door trim is designed in a wing-shaped fashion to create a comfortable feeling for the passengers. Also, the CRETA offers spacious legroom and headroom to provide unprecedented passenger comfort.

Careful attention was given to create harmony between the exterior and interior colors by offering different shades of black, brown and grey to the interior furnishes, which is made of cloth and artificial leather.


The new CRETA has raised the bar with its competition in terms of powertrain performance to follow Hyundai’s innovation in the ‘Smartstream’ lineup of powertrains. These technologies aim to provide the car with better fuel efficiency, improved performance, and reduced gas emissions.

The powertrain specifications for the gasoline ‘Smartstream’ G 1.5L include an optimal airflow control which aims to control the amount of air intake, a more effective combustion, heat and friction control, reduced exhaust, and improved fuel economy.

Powertrain Core Features:


To maximize the usage and performance of the new CRETA, Hyundai provided the right modes for various driving situations, allowing the drivers to select the appropriate driving mode based on the prevailing situation or mood. These modes include: NORMAL, ECO, SPORT, and SMART.

In addition to the various driving modes, the 2023 CRETA offers enhancements to the advanced driver assistance system to ensure a safe and smooth driving experience. These enhancements include the availability of many technologies such as:



Infotainment System 

More immersive, more responsive

The new CRETA infotainment system features a variety of responsive, user-friendly technologies that accommodate the needs of music savvy customers. With eight speakers, passengers will enjoy a premium quality Bose sound system which offer three kinds of speaker configurations. Added is a highly sensitive microphone (OHCL) – 8V Mic for better call performance and a USB port with an Illumination USB charger (Fr and Rr).