SAIC MAXUS C2B business mode being recognized worldwide, SAIC MAXUS Nanjing Factory was awarded Industry 4.0 “Lighthouses” by The World Economic Forum

July 14,2019


SAIC MAXUS became the only Chinese company being listed in the new list of Industry 4.0 “Lighthouses” leading in innovation in the world, identified Summer Davos (also known as The World Economic Forum’s 13th Annual Meeting of the New Champions) that was held from July 1 to 3, 2019 in Dalian. The Forum featured the theme of “Leadership 4.0: Succeeding in a New Era of Globalization”.


Lan Qingsong, vice president of SAIC Motor said at the forum “It was not only a recognition by the world’s authority for the world’s first new C2BCustomer to Business customization factory—— SAIC MAXUS Nanjing C2B Factory, but also represents the recognition of SAIC MAXUS C2B user-driven business development mode by the World Economic Forum, as well as the reward for the Chinese wisdom contributed by SAIC MAXUS in the development of auto industry. It was also the first Chinese carmaker to be listed among Industry 4.0Lighthouses " in the world.”


The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with McKinsey & Company, a worldwide management consulting firm, selected among 1,000 production sites and identified “Lighthouses”, which are world leaders in the successful integration of the cutting-edge technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and in the large-scale adoption of new technologies. "Lighthouses” are demonstrations for “Digitizing Manufacturing” and “Globalization 4.0”, which boasts all necessary characteristics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They have improved the production system of traditional enterprises, innovated value chain of design, created new business models with overwhelming potentials and brought new economic value. "Lighthouses” are industry leaders in resetting standards, bringing inspiration to other companies, helping formulate strategies, improving labor skills, collaborating with other companies involved in the revolution, as well as managing various changes throughout the whole value chain.


After early-stage visit and comprehensive evaluation, the World Economic Forum and McKinsey & Company identified that SAIC MAXUS Nanjing C2B Factory met the standard of Industry 4.0 “Lighthouses” of "significant impact, successful integration of multiple usage case studies, extensible technological platform and excellence in key driving factors".


As an international auto brand of SAIC Motor, SAIC MAXUS is rooted in “New Four Modernizations”. SAIC MAXUS Nanjing Factory, the world’s first brand-new C2B customization factory leveraging SAIC Motor's strength, integrates the concept of C2B large-scale personalized intelligent customization into "SAIC Motor Manufacturing" and drives the entire manufacturing system to realize intelligent upgrading by user demands, contributing large-scale intelligent customization mode to the world, becoming one of the factories representing the highest technology and manufacturing level in the global manufacturing industry.


The advantage of SAIC MAXUS intelligent production line lies in that from the development stage of the model, users can participate in the whole process. From forecast, user ordering, planning and scheduling, parts into the factory, to the whole vehicle production, quality inspection and shipment, "intelligent customization" concept has been demonstrated in the entire product lifecycle of SAIC MAXUS.


When the order comes to SAIC MAXUS Nanjing Factory, the stamping workshop, body workshop, painting workshop and assembly workshop, which integrates digitalization gene, will work together to create a “dream car” for users. At the same time, SAIC MAXUS relies on comprehensive manufacturing technologies based on network physical systems, Internet of Things, cloud computing and AI technologies, including the industry-leading engineering data intelligent analysis, digitizing production technology, digitizing quality management system, and digitizing supply chain.  It drives the intelligent transformation of production lines, making production more transparent, efficient and intelligent, and can support up to 10 trillion models.


SAIC MAXUS makes great efforts to apply digital production technology in production end, including Intelligent Engineering, "Smart Spider" platform, The digital quality management system and digital supply chain.


As a pioneer in promoting upgrading in manufacturing industry, SAIC MAXUS is transforming into a user-driven platform-based digital company. Big data from users drives it to continuously optimize organizational processes and business models, achieving a sound circle between users and the company.


SAIC MAXUS Automotive Co., Ltd.

SAIC MAXUS Automotive Co., Ltd (hereinafter as "SAIC MAXUS" ) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited. Through business model and commercial model innovation, SAIC MAXUS dedicates to be crossover carmaker “driven by users, providing automobile products and lifestyle service with global competitiveness and creating value for users” and becomes an industry leader in domestic market and a strong competitor in global market.


As an international brand of SAIC Motor, SAIC MAXUS has maintained its fast growing momentum in sales. SAIC MAXUS is honored to have served APEC, G20, the Youth Olympics, Boao Forum for Asia and other high-level international conferences with its state-guest-level quality. In terms of overseas market, SAIC MAXUS has preliminary established its global distribution network and formed five core markets. Its products cover 46 countries and regions in the world. With Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and other developed countries contributing most to overseas sales, SAIC MAXUS is becoming a Chinese brand marching towards the world.