About Us:

At Carbono you can change the color of the car accessories (Rims - landscapes - grill - plastic side - Brand sign - clashes) by wrapping your car with Vinyl. You can also design your own work for your car. At Carbono auto detailing you get 5 years guarantee, and we are the only car wrap shop that wrap cars without removing pieces of the body part of the vehicle.

Our Services:

  • Changing car color using wraps

  • Polishing

  • Using the nano ceramic

  • Window films


Contact Details:


Al-Azizya – Al-Azizya commercial road
Doha, Qatar

Working Hours

Sat - Wed: 8am - 10pm Thurs: 8am - 12pm Friday: 8am - 12pm


+974 66900606 – +974 44324244

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